Danny van der Wal:
Timpany player Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Jansen:
Percussionist Holland Symfonia and Dutch Wind Ensemble

Chris Leenders:
Percussionist The Hague Philharmonic

Hans Leenders:
International conductor , former percussionist Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra ,

Tatiana Koleva:
International solo percussionist.

Mike Schäperclaus:
Music producer, band/orchestra leader, former percussionist at Metropole Orchestra

Murk Jiskoot:
Percussionist The Hague Philharmonic and Metropole Orchestra, African percussionist

Rene Spierings:
Percussionist/actor at percussion/theatergroup Percossa

Ronald Ent:
Percussionist Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Raymond Curfs, Bogdan Bįcanu, Julie Spencer, Emmanuel Séjourne en Keibo Abe. All well-known (solo) percussionists.

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