Succesful Bachelor Exam

On May 6, 2014 by Laura Trompetter

Laura Trompetter18-

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 Laura finished her Bachelor Classical Percussion very succesful!

‘With a very dynamic, good organised exam it was a pleasure to listen and watch Laura playing her favourite pieces. Together we decided to graduated Laura unanimous with a 9′


1: Eight on 3 & Nine on 2 – R. marino
2: Fertility Rites – Christos Hatzis
3: Vice Versa – Francois Sarhan
4: Etude in e minor – P. Cheung
5: Trarre – Ron Ford

It was most certainly a Charming|Impressive|Percussion concert!

With a great pleasure Laura played 5 pieces for marimba, set-up duo, body percussion and percussion quintet. In collaboration with other percussionists Niels Verbeek, Robin Eggers, Gerda Tuinstra, Georgi Tsenov and Martin de Greef she set up a unique evening.

Jury: Hans Leenders, Chris Leenders, Tatiana Koleva, Rene Spierings en Murk Jiskoot. Chairman: Erik Zwiep.
Lights and sound: Ray Vaessen, Tim de Vries en Henry van Niel.
Many thanks to: Toneelgroep de Appel, YAMAHA crew: Vincent de Leur, Gerard Koning, RoGa percussion.

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